A brief interview with Mitch Chaiet of memetic influence

memetic influence offers boutique intelligence, technologies, and data for cross-platform analysis of coordinated inauthentic behavior. This organization was founded by researcher Mitch Chaiet to provide content and analysis regarding misinformation. They develop new media technology for the analysis of media manipulation campaigns. …

In the midst of the Israel-Palestine conflicts of May 2021, unverified screenshots are characterized, amplified, and spread by user-generated sources.

by Mitch Chaiet and Emily Berk

In America, the classic AM Radio model to profitability is quite simple — scare a bunch of boomers with baseless claims, and they will engage with your radio show. The more people you have listening, the higher number your audience count is. …

Sponsored ads appear on Facebook feeds hundreds of thousands of times a day. They are an integral part of the Facebook experience.

One of the most common Facebook ad formats is a called a carousel, a swipeable album of 3–5 photos presented along with a click-through link, which usually leads to the advertisers’ website. This format has long been exclusive to Sponsored Facebook posts.

Interestingly, meme pages on Facebook have begun to weaponize the carousel format in order to create monetized click farms for YouTube video views, spam links, and other nefarious sponsored content.

Generally, when a Facebook user clicks on a viral video, the Facebook app will load that single clip into a…

The amount of compression present within an image is indicative of the amount it’s been shared within a given community.

An image of a satirical check claiming protesters have been funded by various political organizations has circulated widely. By analyzing the compression of each place the image has been posted, we can measure how widely it’s been shared up until a particular point. …

co-authored with Ben Cook, digital radicalization expert: https://redpillstrategies.co

Throughout the past month, peaceful democratic gatherings have been co-opted, online and offline, by extremists leveraging violence, destruction and disinformation in efforts to amplify polarization and hate. …

The night before President Donald Trump’s planned 2020 kickoff rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a photo circulated the internet facetiously claiming “small crowds” were already congregating outside the arena.

Campaign manager Brad Parscale was delighted at the effectiveness of the recruitment effort for the event. He declared that more than 800,000…

memetic influence

We offer boutique intelligence, technologies, and data for cross-platform analysis of coordinated inauthentic behavior. www.memeticinfluence.com

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