In the midst of the Israel-Palestine conflicts of May 2021, unverified screenshots are characterized, amplified, and spread by user-generated sources.

The difference between peer-to-peer messaging (tweet) versus top-down distribution (What’s Happening)

Sponsored ads appear on Facebook feeds hundreds of thousands of times a day. They are an integral part of the Facebook experience.

One of the most common Facebook ad formats is a called a carousel, a swipeable album of 3–5 photos presented along with a click-through link, which usually leads to the advertisers’ website. This format has long been exclusive to Sponsored Facebook posts.

The amount of compression present within an image is indicative of the amount it’s been shared within a given community.

Reddit’s quarantined /r/FULLCOMMUNISM (Original, Archive, Image)

In this screenshot, a user shares instructions and tips for evading identification when posting digitally about the riots — using an image initially created during past anarchist riots in Europe. Memes in the comments provide additional information for rioters to prevent geolocation via cell phone towers and other surveillance devices used by law enforcement.

A photo claiming to be of a “small crowd” from President Donald Trump’s Tulsa campaign rally was widely circulated on social media between June 19 and 20, 2020.

memetic influence

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